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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Catering and Kiddush Catering

Mazal Tov on your child's upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

When the big day arrives, plan for a good deal of celebrating.

For the past 25 years, I've been helping Westchester families celebrate their life events with style, grace, and good food. It's that simple. Every Silver Spoon party offers a delicious array of food, professional wait staff, and bartenders.

By the time you reach the Bar Mitzvah day, you've addressed a million details, written many checks--both small and large—and are depending on your child to carry the day for you and the family. It's a little scary, but it's just part of being a parent.

As the owner of Silver Spoon Catering, I offer you my personalized guarantee to ensure that every morsel of food that your guests consume is delicious. I work with parents—both jittery and jaded—to handle the myriad of details that you and your child want included on this special day.

We have catered in almost every synagogue in Westchester, and our staff is well-versed in the logistics of setting up a Kiddush luncheon while you and your guests are in the service.

Typically, Bar and Bat Mitzvah parents call me for any or all of the meals below. Of course, there are many variations to this, and we will do everything to make your party festive and fun, both for you and your teenage guests.

 Social Distance KIddush Lunch

Boxed Lunch Display

Boxed Lunches Stacked With Ribbon

Boxed Lunch Wrap

Small Smoked Salmon Platter

Woodlands Kiddush

Celebration Spread

Serving Area

Salmon Platters

Friday Night Dinner

As friends and family congregate from all corners of the planet, you want to see them and schmooze before the big day. No need to stress out; we'll show up with the perfect meal and clean up before we leave.

Silver Spoon provides a traditional or contemporary meal catered at your home or synagogue. Whether this is for six or 60, you will be able to enjoy an intimate meal with your VIP guests before getting ready for the important event tomorrow.

Pasta Salad

Dessert Tray

Saturday Afternoon Kiddush/Luncheon

After the service, your guests will be reaching for a cup of coffee. Or a mimosa. Or one in each hand. Only you know your guests.

Then follows a smorgasbord of heaping platters of bagels, lox, whitefish, and noodle kugel. Your guests will appreciate that you have made this meal a festive occasion. Whether you "call in the band" and make this the complete celebration or wait till the evening for a nightclub-style party, know that Silver Spoon will always anticipate the best menus for you.

Evening or Next-Day Party

Hold onto your adrenaline as we ramp up for the big event. Hors d'oeuvres, dinner, dessert, dancing, and a lot of fun! Not to mention super festive attire and an awesome DJ.

We have worked in venues across the tri-state area, and we can recommend some magnificent party venues. Whether you choose a nightclub with a view of the Hudson River, a picturesque mansion, or a community room that is available to you, we will transform any empty space into a gala reception.

Hors d'oeuvres

Send-Off Breakfast

If you haven't seen your out-of-town guests in a while, this is a perfect way to relax together over more coffee, mimosas, bagels, omelets, French toast, and the usual breakfast fare.

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